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About Us

Shop Chocolate Bars in an online shop and major producer & distributor of top Psilocybin mushroom chocolate bar brands in USA. We deliver within USA and Europe expressly upon issue of a tracking number.

Thus, is primarily a distributor for several different types of Psilocybin Mushroom Chocolate bars . Also, we act as a secure online marketplace which brings together legit Psilocybin mushroom vendors and buyers. Nevertheless, for chocolate bars which we do not produce nor sell, we advertise them to have buyers and we then put them in contact with legit vendors or we simply facilitate purchase between both parties. For over five years of existence we have recorded a high degree of success. We ensure anonymity of our clients by respecting discreet transactions.

Our Vision for Psilocybin mushrooms

We have as vision to reinstate a stable market where only verified legit vendors will be able to sell to our clients. We plan on visiting our vendors physically to confirm they have the Psilocybin mushroom before advertising. For Psilocybin mushrooms which we do not have we shall stand as an inter-phase between buyers and verified vendors to make sure the buyers get the exact products of their choice.


Due to the nature of the products we sell and the need to enhance anonymity, we prefer receiving payments primarily using methods which will avoid linking the client’s personal data to the financial transaction. This is because not all financial institutions have the same degree of anonymity, some will question certain financial transactions made by clients.
Our payment methods by preference are: bitcoins ,money orders, amazon gift cards, western union, money gram, bank wire transfers, credit cards and amazon purchase.
Delivery within USA is done within 24 to 72hours maximum and 5 business days for international deliveries. Our free catalog which is issued together with every order is a premium source for first hand information on all the products we offer.


All of the products listed above and an entire section devoted to lifestyle merchandise can be browsed, selected, and shipped discreetly at the click of a button. Boxes arrive plain, without any suggestion of the rewards contained within. Any personal information will never be spoken of outside of our company.
You can read more on the lengths we go to ensure privacy here.

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