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Diamond Shruumz mushroom & Gummies

Diamond Shruumz psilocybin mushroom is a chocolate brand that contains THC and mushrooms. Thus, users describe it as “The Leading Form of Microdosing.” The chocolate bars are branded like psychedelics. Thus, each 1.6 ounce bar contains 15, trippy little squares for a little far out fun.

But does Shruumz chocolate provide a high enough dose of CBD, THC, mushrooms and other active ingredients to cause mental effects?, Does it contain any unhealthy ingredients?, What is “microdosing” anyway and is it legit?, And how do real users describe the effects of Shruumz?.

In this article we will answer all of these questions and more as we review the ingredients in and lab testing of Shruumz chocolate. This is to give our take on whether it’s likely to have any mind-altering effects. We will highlight several ingredients we consider unhealthy, and share real, unsponsored user reviews of Shruumz.

Diamond Shruumz psilocybin mushroom publishes test results on each product page of their website. These test results prove that some of the supposed active ingredients in their chocolate do not exist.

The image above is from the test result document for Shroomz’s Fruity Cereal chocolate. You will note that there is no THC or CBD present. We have never before encountered a brand with product claims disproved by the testing they publish on their website. The same product page claims that this chocolate bar is “filled with primo CBD extract.”

Diamond Shruumz psilocybin mushroom Have Mind-Altering Effects?

Given that Diamond Shruumz psilocybin mushroom brands itself as a “microdosing” and “trippy” product, consumers are likely curious if the chocolate bars will cause psychedelic effects.

We do not believe that Shruumz is likely to have any mind-altering effects. As documented in the previous section, there are no psychoactive cannabinoids present in this product. The only other active ingredients are Lion’s Mane mushroom, Reishi mushroom and Chaga mushroom.

None of these mushrooms are psychoactive and Diamond Shruumz psilocybin mushroom fails to even publish their dose. Without dosage information, it’s impossible to determine if an active ingredient is likely to have an effect. While these ingredients are not psychedelic, there are some clinical studies linking these mushrooms to improved cognition.

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